Is the Future Christian?

Perhaps the most difficult question posed in my entire life is this one: is Christianity a permanent, true, and enduring expression of the divine logos, or merely the form taken by that logos in one particular mode of human history, destined to be replaced like all prior mystical sects and priesthoods, such as the Mysteries of Eleusis, or the dream of “Becoming as Osiris”?

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From Quarantine to Martial Law in 77 Days

You’re living in the collapse phase. Like Rome, like so many great empires before, America is over. The weight of the contradictions has grown too dense, the bough is breaking, the machine is grinding slowly to the heat death of ultimate anarchy. Or is it? Continue reading “From Quarantine to Martial Law in 77 Days”

Death Stranding – Text “JOE” to 30330 (A Review)

As if terrified of what he discovered in the duodenum of Arsenal Gear, Hideo Kojima has never once returned to the themes of Metal Gear Solid 2 in quite the same way again. Continue reading “Death Stranding – Text “JOE” to 30330 (A Review)”

On the Twilight of the Christian Age

By Alexander Blum

The Christian age is the age of the fish. The meaning of this poetical and incoherent statement is that the Christian concept of the “Word” and the “logos” is the fish that resides in the unbroken tides of the unconscious. Continue reading “On the Twilight of the Christian Age”

FICTION: The Man in Ulm

Long before the twilight of the Winter King, some nine centuries ago in the long night of Germany before it was Germany in a peasant principality located under the crown, scepter and sword of the Catholic Church, a hideous man with bad teeth and unshaven beard was chained to a decaying wooden post beside the hen’s house of the town of Ulm. A dirty, diseased lean-to filled with fowls was his home, destiny and company. Continue reading “FICTION: The Man in Ulm”

Why I Like Jordan Peterson, and What Drives Me Away

We unorthodox mystics and Christians pass through a great many gurus. Whether Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, or Joseph Campbell, one singular figure rises above the rest to impress upon us the conditions of the numinous. Continue reading “Why I Like Jordan Peterson, and What Drives Me Away”

When Communism Fails to Replace Capitalism, We Will Be Left With Woke Capital

The lens of power is the best lens through which to understand politics. Machiavelli, and Foucault, are correct. Continue reading “When Communism Fails to Replace Capitalism, We Will Be Left With Woke Capital”