Trump and the Jungian Shadow, for Quillette

American Centrism Has Failed

The Appeal of Jordan Peterson

How The Enlightenment Separated Humankind From Nature

Democracy vs. Capitalism

The Case Against Liberation: Mystic Pessimism

Free Speech on the Left

The Failed Hero’s Journey

A short story about the warring impulses between Cain and Christ

My feature article about Syrian refugees in January of 2016

What the Critics of Liberalism Want

The Evolutionary Universe – A Synthesis of Politics, Science and Theology

An article I wrote for The Huffington Post about Dr. Jordan Peterson, conservatism, mythology, serpents and gardens

My postmortem on the Sanders 2016 primary campaign, which I strongly supported

The story of how a young Donald Trump hired a nuclear scientist turned card-counter to save his Atlantic City casinos from bankruptcy

A piece covering the tragic shooting of Terence Crutcher at the hands of police officer Betty Shelby

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