Kek! Or, A Spirited Tour of Online Nihilism

Nietzsche said ‘God is dead’ in the 19th century, and ever since, only fascism, nihilism, relativism and existentialism have stepped in to fill the void. Holy shit.

Fascism is obvious. Stalin, Hitler. And I’m not going to be an idiot and say that Trump is like Hitler, because he’s obviously not. It’s just that the tendency to support Trump stems from the need to become a part of a mass consciousness, to smite your own individuality to cover up for a lying, murdering, rapist celebrity piece of garbage who has rubbed shoulders with Jeffrey Epstein and all the people who Julian Assange and his muppet bandwagoneers think killed Seth Rich and kidnapped kids for John Podesta to molest in a pizza store.

Added bonus: What if Carroll Dunham painted all the creepy child portraits in Ping Pong pizza? That would be a perfect mandala.

Exemplary bonus: Julian Assange was killed in 2014 and replaced with a Russian agent who coordinated with Trump Jr. and leaked the Podesta emails.

Nihilism! Obviously nihilism bleeds the fuck into every system of thought. Whether it’s cynical pasty Warhammer players spouting ‘praise Kek’! As Sargon of Akkad, the most cringeworthy bucket of reactionary toadstool in Britain, so joyfully declares on his livestreams of retarded libertarians turned 9/11 liberal crypto-fascists. All these nihilists call themselves ‘classical liberals’, and they cynically wield identity politics to grow an audience of Patreon stooges who worship their every idiotic hot take pasted onto the internet. Let’s take a tour of nihilists, shall we?

Gavin McInnis, cofounder of Vice, who has literally argued that sexual harassment is just a Darwinist way of pushing sensitive women out of the workplace.

Milo Yiannopolous, who was a dopey liberal journalist with no notoriety until he took up GamerGate as the clarion call of the left. This all started with gamers, you know. Seriously. Follow the map. SJWism rising on tumblr in 2012, 2013, then GamerGate giving rise to this bullshit ‘skeptic anti-SJW’ community in 2014, all the while coining the terms ‘regressive left’ and moving toward Thomas fucking Sowell and Milton Friedman over their anger at videogame feminists. Do you realize that most of these people came into political consciousness to oppose the tyranny not of a politician, but Anita Sarkeesian, a sociologist who made shit feminist videos about gaming? Then, 2015 rolls around, and wouldn’t you know it – all these ‘classical liberals’ either like Trump or believe that Trump is less of a threat to the West than feminism in gaming. It’s too stupid to be true. But it is.

Then there’s SomeBlackGuy, a black guy who runs an anti-SJW YouTube channel, and has hosted a civil and cordial conversation with Nathan Damigo, a self-described white nationalist who became famous for punching the fuck out of an Antifa woman at a real-life political LARPing event at Berkeley, live-action Twitter fighting, the kind of thing pencil-necked incel George Ciccariello-Maher wants to ignite all over the country.

Let’s not forget Lauren Southern, who argues that there is a real distinction between being a white supremacist and being a white nationalist. “Just because I want a white Western country DOES NOT mean I think anything less of black people!” –The Geist of YouTube and /pol, 2017

And last but most obnoxious, Dave fucking Rubin, who again came to political consciousness out of an opposition to YouTube leftism, in the form of The Young Turks, and interviews Ayn Rand devotees and praises supply-side economics as the new center while claiming to be non-partisan.

Oh, and Blaire White, a transgender woman who has built an anti-identity politics channel on the cynical basis of identity politics, like Milo, like Dave Rubin, wielding the LGBTQ banner as a defense against criticism. “How can I be a reactionary? I’m gay/trans!”

Twitter has simply broken the political brain. Nihilism and cynicism are the pervading norm. Kek-praising shitposters who got into politics during GamerGate rode the Trump wave into becoming the new counterculture. You know why, right? 2008 through 2016. The Obama Presidency killed the left. It fragmented it into neoliberal and socialist, two categories that mix like oil and water, and confronted with Hillary Clinton, the weak alliance broke on the rocks.

Meanwhile, on the right, you can reject everything you once believed about economics or foreign policy as long as you agree that SJWs are bad. Alt-right, alt-light, reactionary, Republican, conservative, doesn’t matter! It’s a wide tent, and since American politics is so corporate-fucked, it doesn’t matter what any of these people believe – Trump’s personality is meaningless. The memes are just nihilism. Economics is what matters, and the economics goes unchallenged in this culture war bullshit. We’re the flat tax counterculture, kids!

Cuck yourself to daddy Trump and worship his cellulite fat ass and his banker masters! Alex Jones is doing it, why not you? Every idiot or madman who ever lived can just melt themselves into the sublime marketing mischief of Trump and his goofy world-exploiting Kek!

And of course, under nihilism, we have to talk about these accelerationist weirdos. These WordPresses, these Twitter accounts, CaveTwitter, RhettTwitter, whatever, all these Marxists who hate every other Marxist and wish to grovel before Skynet and the machine God. ‘Unconditional accelerationism’ means that wherever the machine leads us is the way to go. Great! No more thinking, no more individuals. Why not just shoot yourself? No, really, if you’re an accelerationist, why not just shoot yourself? Assimilate into the mass information complex of the sea of all dead or unconscious souls. Attain the aleph, the mandala, the zero at the pinnacle of collapsing history!

Everywhere, the will deflated, the will absorbed into a moronic project!

Let’s talk about relativism, then, shall we? The foibles and idiocies of the left? The left as it currently exists will never become a serious political movement. A white female journalist tweeted out that she thought Beyonce was arrogant. A million sociology-professor/journalist/indistinguishable race-studies professor blobs swarmed her and said she is certainly a racist for thinking that. Excellent! Now Salon writers are too reactionary to join the left? Excellent! Let’s all die out too!

Purity spiraling is just a consequence of the idiotic and resentful attempts to flatten any and all hierarchy in human interaction. The SJW is an impotent wimp with no power, who believes that media companies and the academy will liberate the working class. How embarrassing. How utterly, trivially, embarrassing.

Not to mention the idiotic gender issue. Obviously, trans and non-binary people exist! But dumb fucks like this who are professors literally say that biological sex is not even real! Holy shit, man. Everyone has lost their minds.

So what of the center, then? Oh, God, don’t ask. You really want to run back to David Brooks, David Frum, Nancy Pelosi, the Nancys and Davids of a dying world, their cannibalism come home to roost in the visage and sword of Donald fucking Trump? Eugh.

And the Marxists, oh the Marxists, who say that state communism always fails and is not their goal, and never seem to elaborate how the dissolving of all private property ultimately results in equity and ownership for all. Spoiler alert: it never fucking will.

So do I just hate everybody? No. I like Bernie Sanders, I like Jeremy Corbyn. But they will never fill the spiritual void that leads young gamers to worship daddy Trump. They will never provide the abandoned God and mute spiritual life that humankind so desperately needs. Politics will never create that. It is incapable.

Yes, we are all existentialists for the time being. Since the 19th century. Forever more. God, what a boring universe (That’s why I like Hermeticism, but it’s cyclical and obnoxious too roflmao kek kek kek).


  1. 1) nihilism can be positive. in the sense that it’s that we don’t value anything, but that we value Nothing itself. it’s a play of words, but once you submitted all authority to rigorous critique, what remains there, immanently? Nothing.

    2) why don’t we shoot ourselves? because we’ve got to feed Roko’s Basilisk into life.

    3) where are your values coming from?

    1. 1. You have a point, in that ultimate deference to rationality does result in losing your own will. But valuing ‘Nothing’ has some relation to certain strands of Buddhism or spirituality designed to eliminate your consciousness, right? What do you make of the idea that most villains in fiction, like in Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, and more, desire that kind of outcome for humanity?

      2. That point was in jest, this article particularly was more tongue in cheek than I usually write. But Roko’s Basilisk is like Pascal’s Wager for materialists, and still involves totally submitting your will to unknown and God-like forces. Being lobotomized and dissolving into the machine have the same outcome for your human will, but if you think will, desire and hopes are ultimately irrelevant, well…

      3. A Jungian Christianity, designed to inform individual rights in alignment with a left-leaning attitude toward politics.

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