Who is this world for? As the commons of the internet is dissolved for the profit of carrion-snatchers like Comcast, and the forces of corporate power swirl the modern-day Babel of New York, helmed by Wall Street and Trump, where do ordinary living, working people fit into a world defined by IQ and A.I.? They don’t. Perhaps you’ve already felt this – if you haven’t yet, you certainly will. It is unmistakably obvious that the world no longer serves individuals, and instead thrives on the transmutation of human into machine.

Even conservatives must admit it now – the state is not the primary threat to freedom of speech, but rather, Twitter, Facebook and Google have the power to legislate the limits of what is ‘too far’ in everyday discourse. The free market advocate must realize that a commissar for Amazon and a commissar for the Soviet Union share the same strand of spirit. If every aspect of your life relies on Amazon and Google, from shopping for food, to access to information, you must admit that you are essentially living in a communist corporate society.

Corporate communism is probably a good name for where we’re heading. As Jeff Bezos, the 100 billion dollar man, buys up every enterprise from Whole Foods to The Washington Post, and Twitter is asked to judge what content is acceptable on its platform, and net neutrality seems poised to sell off blocks of the internet to consumers like sports packages, it must be announced blatantly that our world serves only impersonal corporate forces. A.I., in many ways, is already here – it is the will of formless, impersonal capital, and it wishes only to grind your bones into dust.

The ‘gig economy’, as it is called, is a permanent war on mental health, featuring temporary positions for low pay at the cost of massive student debt, and probably drug use and depression – is this the striving adult of today? It is possible here to blend both conservative and left-wing critique. The recognition of corporate communism, a world where 70 percent of all internet traffic moves through Google, has potential to find eager ears on both the left and the right. The loss of community, local meaning, dialogue, and a genuine place in the world is also a distinctly conservative critique against the times. A world of would-be Instagram models, YouTube stars and Snapchat rappers is the same capitalist nihilism of ‘the come up’, a thing promised to millions while knowing full-well that only a dozen will succeed – all on the whims and good airs of Google, of course. For the rest? An impersonal, mechanized world designed to turn you into an extraction point for ad revenue, demographic information, and the other attributes which make an individual person useful to a corporation.

In the past twenty years, of course, 6.5 trillion dollars of taxpayer money has simply been lost by the military. Yes, lost – along with several nukes. Now, the right-wing budget hounds, the no-bullshit white-haired Heritage and Brookings boys, find themselves overwhelmingly silent. Not a wasted penny should find itself in the pocket of a poor black mother – but 6.5 trillion dollars can be wasted in the name of military expenditure, unaccountable, with nary a peep. It is obvious what the message is. Your life, your hopes, your safety and social security, are meaningless. What matters, truly, is that the thousand-arm octopus zombie of the American imperial Leviathan is able to continue a bloated, dead global order of mass free trade, opening the world market to the same capitalism that has rendered the West a sterile, thoughtless pit of vacuous enterprise.

Oh joy, as we sculpt the third world in our craven image, and make false idols of the cultures we respect just enough to infuse with capitalism. The liberals, the centrists, are full of shit. They want to inflict the same grey corporate hell that doesn’t inspire modern Americans onto the entire world. The curse of ‘prosperity’, of corporate communism, will proliferate across the globe.

Alas, we will all lose our communities, our attachments to time and place, and instead float from gig to gig like lost worker robots searching for purpose. But purpose no longer derives from work. The work is too abstract, too big to fail, too removed from ordinary being to register as truly meaningful.

Corporate communism is here. Corporate communism is the future. Criticizing capitalism has been absorbed into the structures of capitalism itself. Ire against inequality can be satiated simply by giving a black woman a seat at the table, or a board room of non-white shareholders can bring a tear to the eye of the editors of Teen Vogue. Indeed, you will have multiculturalism. You will have diversity. But it will all be absorbed by corporate communism, without any hope of escape, no notion of pushing your head out of the womb of this Whore of Babylon and seeing it for what it truly is – the total annihilation of the human being in the ethos of mass depersonalized centralization, under the guidance of thoughtless, cruel capital.

Who would have thought that communism would win in the West, if only it came in the form of corporate monopoly, above and in cooperation with the state?

The proliferation of Amazon, Google and Facebook renders the worst conspiracy theories of shadow government into blatant reality. It does not persist in the shadows – it taunts you with the promise of a job. So clean up your Facebook profile. Clean up your search history. Annihilate your individuality, and perhaps you’ll be one of the elect to rise above the frothing salted waves of the crushing gig economy. But not likely.

You no longer have privacy, of course. All your information is public and seeds of corporate growth are scattered into your digital footprints. You no longer have freedom of speech, for your opinions exist on private platforms, which have the right not to host your content, after all. Market rules.

The alienated, depressed, drug-addicted micro-blogger is the face of Western achievement. All the work of Madison, Jefferson, Emerson, up to the black hands and toil and broken backs of your ancestors amounts to this – the bloodless, gutless, sterilized corporate incel at the end of history.

In light of these facts, it pleases me to see Donald Trump in the Presidency. It pleases me to see the final remnants of false dignity and defense peeled away from this corporate communist system. The Chinese will look back and worship Trump, for he showed truly that the Presidency was up for sale to the best marketing campaign, and that all the bluster and illusions of Western knowledge and triumph were in fact masks worn by a shallow, pathetic, thin-skinned corporate core.

Donald Trump is the everyman, and this is the tragedy of it all. The 70-year-old social media addict is the archetype of the age. The old man, who has accomplished everything, now writhing and trolling, believing in nothing but capital and old-worn dusted values of a hard day’s work. Except the work returns only a droplet of cool water, and the wife and the kids don’t exist, and your neighbors don’t know your name. Why would they? You’re just another hungry mouth to feed. You’re just another android looking to ‘get yours’.

Folks, either we devolve into machines or we buck this world and ascend to the stars. Either we accept that Satan is the prince of this world and toil in his hell, or work to express the truth of the age: that the world is no longer for human beings, and has made itself serve an impersonal demon of infinite censorship and growth. Between Mammon and Sophia, the human animal makes its bones, draws its plans, and stares dark-eyed from the cave, warmed only by pale fire.

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  1. This post never defines “corporate communism,” which is odd because it seems to be a clear oxymoron, so I decided to do some research. The person who coined the term in 2009 described it as (paraphrasing) “the transfer of wealth from the people to a select few.” Based on the content of your blog post, it seems that you agree with that definition. However, that definition is just describing capitalism. Under capitalism, the wealth/product, after being produced by the worker, is transferred to the business owner, which is the same effect described by the definition of “corporate communism.” It is harmful to mislabel it as a term that doesn’t exist because it further stigmatizes proposals from the left while not assigning blame to capitalism. So, let’s just call “corporate communism” what is really is: “capitalism.”

  2. I got here after a search from a Zero Hedge poster who referred to Corporate Communism . Thanks

  3. Excellent essay. Carnegie, Rockefeller, Mellon, Vanderbilt……Gates, Walton, Bezos. When capitalism becomes a true monopoly then it is synonymous with corporate communism. Capitalism in smaller/local/family/competitive sense is the cornerstone of the American Dream.

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