FICTION: The Man in Ulm

Long before the twilight of the Winter King, some nine centuries ago in the long night of Germany before it was Germany in a peasant principality located under the crown, scepter and sword of the Catholic Church, a hideous man with bad teeth and unshaven beard was chained to a decaying wooden post beside the […]

Why I Liked Jordan Peterson, and What Drove Me Away

We unorthodox mystics and Christians pass through a great many gurus. Whether Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, or Joseph Campbell, one singular figure rises above the rest to impress upon us the conditions of the numinous. In high school, I had passed through the lectures of Terence McKenna, staggering four-hour poetic sermons on forgotten alchemical texts, […]

When Communism Fails to Replace Capitalism, We Will Be Left With Woke Capital

The lens of power is the best lens through which to understand politics. Machiavelli, and Foucault, are correct. Why does Trump, King of the Islamaphobes, support Saudi Arabia? The answer is not any ideology for or against Islam, but naked will for geopolitical power – the alchemical form of the “arms sale”. Why, further, do […]

Young Pseudo and the Theory of Everything

“Wash your balls with ice water, take nootropics, get rich, be Christian.” The open-air idea economy is updating every second, and a new sage is always eager to direct your thoughts onto the flow of his particular rail. A theory of everything is eternally around the corner. Keep refreshing, or you might miss it. Where […]

Carl Jung’s Last Thoughts on Christianity

The prevailing archetype in the West for the past century has been “God against God”. The contradictions will not hold, and a new myth is needed. What Jung saw in Christianity was its potential for the concept of God to evolve. In the Book of Job, God is played against Himself. Christianity, following Judaism, proposes […]

Slaying Roko’s Basilisk

Our human agency has been hijacked. This is the narrative coming out of both the singularity-adjacent techno horror of accelerationism and the classic revolutionary left – our human agency has been left to the revolving machine of capital, which has become too powerful for us to influence. In this respect, the singularity has already happened. […]

Is Chaos Feminine?

Human beings are an alchemical mixture of masculine and feminine. Some err on the extreme ends of these polarities, many fall somewhere between. Queer and transgender people have found gender to be an infinite paradox – the deeper you investigate, the deeper it goes. Is chaos feminine? Is order masculine? It’s difficult to ask the […]