Today, Obama, Lena Dunham and Taylor Swift Win the Day

If Obama genuinely believes that “all people are created equal”, then every time he kills some innocent person in a drone strike he is killing someone with the same worth as himself and his own family members. Obviously he doesn’t believe this. Obviously he’s a moral fraud. No surprises here. Who has the right to […]

Thoughts Born of Depression; Some (nuanced) Nihilism and Neurosis

I feel nihilism, the world truly closed and empty, then without warning nihilism gives way and blossoms into the aesthetic of a song, or a story, something finite but meaningful. Through nothing there is everything, even though everything is finite. I can think of no greater nihilism than the idea that art is greater than […]


It would be amusing to see conventionally-minded people, these New York Times kind of people, explain what is ethically wrong with the mafia. What is wrong with what they are doing? They are acting in the service of their own interests, regardless of who gets killed along the way. Is this not the credo of […]