Circling Around Chaos

So you’ve been wronged, screwed, born upside-down, the world is a pale shade of what it should be, and your own internal development is stagnating and festering like sitting water. You’re not wrong about any of this. The denial of this suffering is impossible in a world where responsibility exists. Responsibility for oneself implies loss. […]

The Jobs Are Not Coming Back

Jobs are never coming back to the United States. The price of labor, with benefits and wages, is simply too high to compete with international sweatshops. Trump’s worship of business clashes directly with his protectionism. It is an incoherent worldview. Once Tesla’s self-driving cars become a reality, truck drivers will be the first out of […]

“Bougie Knows Best” – The Crisis of Democracy and Subversion, Trump and Brexit

Liberals are the most self-destructive people on the planet. Knowing what makes their opposition tick, they continue to act so insufferably, so disingenuously moralizing from an upper-middle-class pedestal, that Trumpism has been able to masquerade as counterculture. The radical wings of social justice and the middling liberalism of The New York Times are united in […]

Hillary Clinton is an Abysmal Candidate

In just a few paragraphs I’m going to destroy this elitist, corporate-concocted, conniving political construction who bears the torch of Henry Kissinger, military globalism, ‘At-least-I’m-not-a-Republican’ domestic policy and the continuation of everything that is morally abject about Barack Obama’s presidency. Of course, I’m talking about Hillary Clinton. I write this in advance of all the […]

An Emotional Reponse to Nuclear Weapons & Climate Change, AKA The Death Drive feat. Noam Chomsky

Currently, the atomic Doomsday clock is set at 3 minutes to midnight. Noam Chomsky points this out every now and again, as he uses the metaphor of Minerva’s owl to describe his current reconnaissance over the soon-to-be-ruined world. Midnight is death. We are nearly there. Every wide-eyed loon hack of a prophet from Malachi to […]


So the New York Writers Workshop Pitch Conference was phenomenal, Tim Tomlinson and Charles Salzberg have saved my query letter. Also felt a lot of empathy with my fellow writers – all the people in my group were real writers who deserve to succeed, and about three of the stories seemed really wild. Someone with […]