“Democracy Dies in Darkness” Declared the Pro-War Proponents of the Surveillance State

CNN is a creepy and pathetic company attempting to make a profit off the caustic personality of the President while they turn heel and praise him every time he bombs foreigners. They are the perfect incarnation of the sedate, soulless liberal class and the media empires which provided such a sterile portrait of the future that Donald Trump continues to look better than them by virtue of vitality alone. After all, there is nothing more repugnant than despising a man’s style while praising him for vanquishing innocent lives.

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Memory, Resurrection, and the Indeterminate Past

The world can be split into two fundamental impulses – that of the serpent and that of Christ. Yes, this is highly symbolic, but let’s go with it. The serpent is materially successful, conniving, wise, and willing and able to hurt other people. Serpentine knowledge is the only thing that allows you to get a job, to have a place and function in this world, to climb the hierarchy of dominance and become somebody you can respect.

The Christ impulse is the exact opposite of the serpent.

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Giant Serpents Wriggling Through Thunderstorms in the Sky

Materialist reductionist science is the bottom layer upon which our civilization is built. The outcome of materialism in philosophy will be the outcome of materialism in society. This is because all technology is embedded in the reductionist principle, and all the wisdom that has granted us phones, neural nets embedded in hard drives, skyscrapers and space travel are thanks to the bisecting of the Earth into mechanical parts. We can’t have 21st century capitalism without a society built on reductionism.

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An Essay on the Modern Problem of Living

As the old fears creep in, the tendrils of the mystical, the totally preserved anxieties of the ancient mystery religions transported into the present day, we question the foundations of our society. The pre-Christian terrors, the primeval fears of a world where we have all the complexity of raw phenomenon and experience, but with no notion of divine footing. This presents the essence of the modern problem – the world is more complex than ever before, which should lead to a flourishing, and yet it is only leading to fear.

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Circling Around Chaos

So you’ve been wronged, screwed, born upside-down, the world is a pale shade of what it should be, and your own internal development is stagnating and festering like sitting water. You’re not wrong about any of this. The denial of this suffering is impossible in a world where responsibility exists.

Responsibility for oneself implies loss. If you are not responsible for yourself, you will lose yourself, and become a smeared mirage of what you could be, of what you want to be. This is the fate that exists for everybody…potentially.

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The Jobs Are Not Coming Back

Jobs are never coming back to the United States. The price of labor, with benefits and wages, is simply too high to compete with international sweatshops. Trump’s worship of business clashes directly with his protectionism. It is an incoherent worldview.

Once Tesla’s self-driving cars become a reality, truck drivers will be the first out of business. They’re all blue-collar Trump supporters, as stereotype would have you. Cab drivers are also out. Once fast food businesses are automated, throw tens of millions more jobs into the ether. What is going to happen to the notion of labor being tied to wages? The world is moving in an inhuman direction, in that humans are no longer needed for most functions. The US has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs since NAFTA, but most of these losses were due to technological expansion and the inevitable march of American labor into no-man’s-land. Venture capital and Wall Street have already destroyed the concept of labor, the dignity of producing something and earning a wage, as those who produce nothing, and gamble, and collect rent, are those who make all major economic gains. That is true of Obama’s faux ‘recovery’ post-2008, where most new jobs were part-time and insufficient, and wealth earned was mostly concentrated at the top. Trump is more like Obama and the Clintons than anyone else. His strategy will be similar – to make the Dow Jones and GDP look great, without admitting that those gains only benefit the white-collar professional class, speculators, and rentiers, such as those who operate the Trump brand, and who have donated to the Clinton foundation for political favors.

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