Artificial Intelligence Won’t Surpass Humankind

The modern world, at its bedrock technological character, could be considered a Tower of Babel. The common tongue of our modern techno-digital world is rather simple – speed. The language of speed has seized the Western world, most perceptibly since the election of Donald Trump. In our Babel, news that would have once taken months of time to fully process instead comes and goes in the span of a single week. In recent weeks, the United States has experienced three mass shootings spread across Las Vegas, Texas and California, and dozens of major celebrities and politicians revealed as alleged sexual predators or pedophiles.

In this short span of time, what we choose to remember, or even can remember, becomes limited and fraught with error. The human brain, overwhelmed by countless situations of immense complexity with major ramifications for the order of society, becomes blurred, imprecise, and recalls only one essentially shared characteristic: the speed at which these events are proceeding.

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