The United States is a Corporate Communist Country

Who is this world for? As the commons of the internet is dissolved for the profit of carrion-snatchers like Comcast, and the forces of corporate power swirl the modern-day Babel of New York, helmed by Wall Street and Trump, where do ordinary living, working people fit into a world defined by IQ and A.I.? They don’t. Perhaps you’ve already felt this – if you haven’t yet, you certainly will. It is unmistakably obvious that the world no longer serves individuals, and instead thrives on the transmutation of human into machine.

Even conservatives must admit it now – the state is not the primary threat to freedom of speech, but rather, Twitter, Facebook and Google have the power to legislate the limits of what is ‘too far’ in everyday discourse. The free market advocate must realize that a commissar for Amazon and a commissar for the Soviet Union share the same strand of spirit. If every aspect of your life relies on Amazon and Google, from shopping for food, to access to information, you must admit that you are essentially living in a communist corporate society.

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